Alteration & Additions

According to the laws of Hong Kong, any person who intends to carry out alterations and additions works (A&A works) is advised to consult building professionals for advice and make formal application for approval and consent from the Building Authority. Examples of A&A works to an existing building include:

  • Constructing a new extension, vertically or horizontally, to an existing building
  • Linking two or more floors by removing parts of the floor slab and/or adding internal staircases
  • Combining two or more units into one by removing the partition walls
  • Conversion of an existing building, including wholesale conversion of an existing industrial building
  • Installing cladding or curtain wall to the façade of existing buildings
  • Adding water tanks, canopies, shelters, structural frames for advertisement signboards, air-conditioning plants, etc.
  • Modification of means of escape, means of access, and barrier-free access

Luxury Decor & Interior Renovation

Common household renovation works (other than minor works), such as painting, internal plastering or wall-paper works, repair or replacement of internal branch pipe (other than embedded pipes) or sanitary fitment works, are considered exempted works under the BO.

Registered General Building Contractors can carry out the 187 types of minor work listed in Part 2 of Schedule 1 under the Building (Minor Works) Regulation.

New Building Works

Common new building works include demolition, site formation, excavation and lateral support, and foundation works. Registered General Building Contractors can appoint and monitor specialist contractors for the building work concerned.

Removal/ Demolition

The Buildings Department may issue Statutory Orders to the owners concerned requiring the removal of actionable items of unauthorized building works. Building owners should appoint building professionals and/or contractors to advise and carry out the removal works.

Registered General Building Contractors are qualified to perform building demolition work of a building or demolition of any substantial or significant part of a building. The contractor must put in place all necessary safety measures to ensure the safety and health of workers involved in the demolition.

Repair and Maintenance of Buildings, Public Roads (including footpaths) & Ancillary Facilities

Registered General Building Contractors are authorized to carry out investigations and detailed inspections, and perform repair and maintenance works under supervision of a qualified person.