Key To Success

  • Strong Foundation

Strong Foundation

Keio has established itself as a leading end-to-end engineering solutions and MEP services provider.

Over the past 40 years, the Group has progressed steadily with our society. We understand that striving for excellence, multi-faceted development, and a continuous search for opportunities is key to lay a strong foundation in a constantly evolving market.

Enhancing the technical standards, efficiency and prospects of the industry is the driving force of Keio. While the Group’s development blueprint and strategies continue to focus on its existing core business, we are actively seeking opportunities to support and expand other construction-related processes, services and products.

Vertical Integration

Keio shoulders the responsibility of fostering the sustainability of the industry. The Group strives to balance the growth of society, economy, and environment, and aims at realizing industrial integration and creating diversified and comprehensive building solutions for customers.

While developing its core Electrical and Mechanical Engineering business, the Group also gives impetus to macroeconomic development. KCL Construction is a vertically expanded business of Keio, established to effectively speed up and streamline the entire construction process.

Shared Resources

KCL Construction is supported by the experience, network and resources Keio has accumulated over the past 40 years. Sharing these resources creates opportunities for both KCL Construction and the Group to further expand and integrate their territories. This boosts operational efficiency for the Group as a whole and also enhances the competitiveness of our customers.

Safety First

Keio is committed to make safety a priority. We demonstrate our commitment to safety by achieving and maintaining environmental, health, and safety excellence. We strive to provide our employees a safe and ideal environment to work in through proactive supervision and management. The company firmly adheres to the highest standard of quality and compliance by putting our customers’ best interests first without compromising on the safety of our staff.

Compliance & Certification

Keio strictly complies with the quality management system of ISO 9001:2015, the environmental management system of ISO 14001:2015, and the occupational health and safety management system of ISO 45001:2018. The company has developed a solid and reliable management framework to ensure that quality, consistency, and safety standards are met and delivered in the long run.

Keio believes credibility is the utmost important asset for corporations and it is the foundation for success. KCL Construction is a registered General Building Contractor authorized to carry out general building works and street works.