KCL Construction was founded upon Keio’s commitment and vision for the development of the industry. At the time Keio was established in the early ’80s, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering was the mainstream of the Group’s operations.

With persistent efforts and perseverance, the Group has grown rapidly. As a dedicated construction solution provider, customer success has always been our priority. The best interest of our customers is at the heart of what we do, and our mission is to boost their efficiencies and competitiveness.

In the past four decades, the industry has been keeping up with the opportunities brought by the times, and the pace at which our economy transforms. While the industry thrives , Keio realizes creativity and innovation could be stimulated by integration and cooperation.

KCL Construction is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keio. By integrating with the Group’s core business in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and leveraging on the shared resources, KCL Construction aims to create opportunities for growth within the industry with diversified, value-adding, end-to-end construction solutions.

KCL Construction is a Registered General Building Contractor authorized to provide general building works and street works that are not categorized as ‘specialized work’ by the Building Authority.

  1. Alteration & Additions
  2. Luxury Decor & Interior Renovation
  3. New Building Works
  4. Removal/ Demolition
  5. Repair and Maintenance of Buildings, Public Roads (including footpaths) & Ancillary Facilities